Curadigm is actively seeking academic & corporate collaborations and partnerships.

Curadigm’s Nanopriming technology can be used in combination with a wide-range of therapeutic assets to redefine their systemic bioavailability and reduce dose-limiting toxicities.

Curadigm is primarily focused on pharma and industry collaborations with intravenous pre-clinical candidates/ therapeutics that are limited by rapid clearance leading to poor bioavailability and low target tissue accumulation. Curadigm is currently working with companies developing diverse nanomedicines, as well as nucleic acid-based therapeutics, both RNA and DNA-based. The company is collaborating across a range of Oncology and rare disease indications, but the broad capabilities of the technology can be applied in many additional therapeutic or disease areas. Our platform provides custom solutions for your specific needs. Please contact us to discuss testing the Nanoprimer with your therapeutics.

Curadigm is also seeking academic collaborations with novel intravenous therapeutics to facilitate pre-clinical development and clinical feasibility of approaches that are currently limited by rapid clearance.